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This Week's Wine Tasting & Pairing

This week Arny will be preparing Pasta Alla Norcina. The Umbrian town of Norcia is famous for its pork, and it has a rich tradition of sausage and salami-making. So much so that butcher shops all over Italy that specialize in fresh and cured pork products like salami, prosciutto, and pancetta are known as "norcinerie." Located at the foot of the Sibylline Mountains, Norcia has the perfect cool and humid climate conditions for meat-curing and, in the fall, truffle hunting. These two local specialties come together in pasta alla norcina: pasta dressed in a rich and creamy sauce studded with juicy sausage, traditionally finished with a showering of shaved truffle cheese.

The wines will include LaMarca Prosecco, a fresh sparkling wine with a vibrant bouquet of apple, white peach and honeysuckle; Vernaccia di San Gimignano, an Italian wine with light citrus aroma, pleasant light flavor, dry and rich on the palate, with flavors of dried apricot; and 1924 Port Barrel Aged Pinot Noir, a velvety wine with layered flavors of blackberry and cocoa, complex spice aromas, and richly toasted oak.

We will see you Friday night from 5-8. Remember, our Christmas in July 20% off OXO sale!

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