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Water into wine...​

A natural entrepreneur, Arnaldo (Arny) Rodriguez is President & CEO of Technical Professional Services, a professional staffing firm founded in 1983 and located in downtown Wayland, MI. Arny also owns The Cobblestone Plaza and Banquet Center, a 23,000-square foot restaurant, banquet, and office facility in Caledonia. But apparently, two businesses just weren't enough for Arny. 

In the spring of 2015, while walking in downtown Wayland, he encountered the "old blue building north of the library" sitting empty. He imagined giving the tired and vacant space some TLC and giving it a lively new future.


He envisioned a cozy shop where he could share his passion for quality wines, cheeses and meats. Inspired by the communal culinary experiences he'd had in Italy  — where togetherness centers on sharing wine, bread and cheese — Arny spent the next 9 months creating a place where shoppers could gather to enjoy tastings and pairings before deciding what to buy.


In naming the new shop, Arny hoped to convey the transformative power of community, food and faith. Nothing captured these concepts better than Jesus' miracle of turning water into wine, or as the Italians say, "acqua in vino."  


From the moment you enter, Acqua in Vino feels warm, friendly and fun. It invites people of all ages to relax, explore and discover the remarkable selection of locally made, locally sourced cheeses, wines, meats and specialty foods.


Whether you prefer Brie, Gouda or goat cheese; red, white, blush or dessert wine; a crisp lager or a hoppy pale ale; or something else from our smorgasbord of unexpected delicacies; you're sure to discover Michigan’s finest. All in one place, right here in downtown Wayland. 

Stop in today and let Arny and the Acqua in Vino team guide you through the racks, tables, shelves, cases and vats — sharing their favorite items and offering small tastes to develop your palette and make you smile. They'll help you find the "fruits of the vine" and other treats that will bring you and your loved ones together and make life special.

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