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New Year, New Wines!

For this week's tasting, we are bringing back our popular and delicious charcuterie plates. Charcuterie is a French appetizer featuring a plate of cooked and dry-cured meats with specialty cheeses, accompanied by crusty baguettes or crackers, pungent mustards and toppings, enticing olives and pickles and other savory morsels. Done the Acqua In Vino way, our charcuterie plate is an awe-inspiring sight and you get to eat it all with your hands!

And what better way to start the New Year than to pair these wide range of flavors with new wines just brought in! We have a new Moscato D’Asti from Lodali in Piedmont, Italy, that is fresh, sweet and fragrant with notes of apricot, orange, peach and honey that flow onto the palate with light bubbles. A classic Sauvignon Blanc, Fernlands from Marlborough, New Zealand, offers exotic aromas of passionfruit and guava. You’ll also find hints of lime and lemon and possibly a touch of gooseberry. Also new is the Huber Sparkling Rosé from Austria. It’s light salmon in color with reddish gold play of light, delicate and fresh hints of cherries and forest berries with a sophisticated note of citrus.

The wide array of flavors that a charcuterie plate provides—ranging from sweet, to salty, and everything in-between—can't be beat. Plus, you can't deny how beautiful the presentation looks. Charcuterie is not only gorgeous, but a crowd-pleaser. And all the fixings you need to make your own perfect plate can be found in store. We look forward to serving you Friday night from 5-8 p.m.

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