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Bourbon & Wine, Pairing & Pouring

Join us at tonight’s pairing and pouring event. Every 1st Friday of the month you have the option to pair bourbons instead of wine at our weekly pairing and pouring. Tonight's option contains three, 1.5 oz pours of bourbon from our top shelf which now contains over 30 different types. There is a slight difference in price if you choose the bourbon option. And of course, we will still be offering our wine tasting. This week’s wines feature: Hudsonville Peach from Michigan, with a juicy peach flavor and crisp, sweet finish; Avaline Sparkling Wine from California, with delicate bubbles, made with organic grapes and free from added sugar, artificial colors or concentrates; and Bar Dog Cabernet Sauvignon, a good, solidly made wine with medium body and a pleasant mix of spicy oak and juicy fruit flavors from a winery that supports animal rescue shelters across America. See you tonight from 5-8 p.m.

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