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What Great Weather!

Tonight Arny will be preparing Carfagna’s Pomodoro Sauce with tomato filets, garlic and basil. It’s the same sauce you will experience in Italy today. He will be adding Force of Nature ground wild boar to meat the sauce. We carry Force Of Nature ground venison, elk, bison and wild boar in our freezer - perfect for grilling! Based in Austin, Texas, this company spent the last 7 years studying regenerative agriculture and visiting ranches all over the world before deciding to create Force of Nature. We're proud to offer these meats to you!

Our wines include two Spanish wines from Marqués de Cáceres and a bubbly from New York. Founded in 1970, Marqués de Cáceres was established by Henri Forner, whose family has been active in the wine business for generations. The winery is named for a Spanish peer who was also an investor in the winery and a friend of Henri. The vinification methods at Bodegas Marqués de Cáceres are similar to those used in Bordeaux. Thus, French winemaking techniques and expertise have been applied to native Spanish grapes to produce one of the finest modern wines. We will be pouring the Marqués de Cáceres Verdejo with aromas of white fruits with delicate citrus notes, intense and powerful on the palate, with a balance of freshness and long-lasting finish, and Rioja with black fruit flavors, vanilla, peppery spices and touches of the finest oak. The sparkling is Great Western Extra Dry Champagne, a pale straw-colored champagne that has a slightly sweet character with a hint of citrus, apple and pear.

Enjoy this great weather and join us from 5-8 p.m.

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