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Welcome St. Ambrose!

At this week’s pairing and pouring, we will be hosting St. Ambrose Cellars. Rooted in over 30 years of beekeeping and honey harvesting tradition, Kirk and Sharon Jones have been raising hives, extracting honey, and producing honey-based products since the late 1970’s in Beulah, MI and Florida. In the early 2010’s, after years of home-based experimentation with the art of mead making, they embarked on a new journey: bringing a full-fledged meadery to Northern Michigan. With the creation of soon-to-be favorites like Razzmatazz and Tupelo Ambrosia, St. Ambrose Cellars was born. Soon, they developed a new line that has become a signature of the meadery – the St. Ambrose Cellars Draft Style Meads. Carbonated like a beer or hard cider, these microbrews of the mead world feature bold flavors like lemon, raspberry, apples, and sour blackberry.


All the honey for their meads is harvested by the hard-working bees tended by the hard-working beekeepers at Sleeping Bear Farms. The majority of them use Star Thistle Honey harvested in Northern Michigan, while others use Tupelo Honey harvested by the Florida branch of the Sleeping Bear beekeeping operation. Join us tonight from 5-8 p.m. and meet St. Ambrose for this unique tasting opportunity.

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