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This Week at Our Tasting & Pairing

Are you looking for something light and easy to prepare this weekend? At Friday's tasting and pairing Arny will be making lemon pasta with feta and basil. The light and zesty flavor of this pasta dish makes it ideal for the hot weather. It's also quick and easy for supper because you are likely to have the ingredients on hand.

Our wine pairings include Grand Traverse Select Semi-dry Riesling, Purple Cowboy Cabernet Sauvignon, and Fortant Grenche Rosé. The wine from Grand Traverse has flavors of ripe apple, lemony-citrus and pear together with a slight sweetness to provide an exceptional white wine for most any occasion. The Purple Cowboy from California (a store favorite) tastes like crushed berries with a dusting of cocoa powder. And, new this week, the Fortant Grenche Rosé is delicate on the palate, revealing lovely citrus and red berry flavors and boasting a long fresh finish.

Bring your friends and we'll see you Friday night from 5-8!

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