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Texas Tamales!

Tonight, Arny will be preparing authentic tamales from the Texas Tamale Company. This enduring Mexican tradition is made with a dependable grain and laced with rich spices and fresh herbs infused into its fillings. The core of Mexican food is a very humble, sustaining ingredient called maize. This tasty edible “container” has paved the way for authentic and delicious Mexican tamales. Wrapped within a corn husk is a tamal, a flavorful dough filled with spicy and savory filling that is steamed to perfection. Mexican cuisine combines chilies with other fresh ingredients such as garlic, onions and cilantro and dashes a strong spice like cumin into the mix to create the traditional Mexican food aroma that is so loved. Meats or vegetables are infused with any combination of these herbs and spices and make for delicious fillings in these tamales.

Our wines for the evening include Chateau Fontaine Laughing Waters Rose, made with Pinot Noir grapes with delightful notes of crisp strawberry, raspberry and cherry; Rocca Rubizzo, a medium-bodied estate-grown Sangiovese from one of Tuscany’s most progressive estates, Rocca della Macìe; and Hudsonville Hudsonberry, a Michigan-made fruit forward white wine. We’ll see you tonight from 5-8 p.m.

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