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Mexican or Italian??

If you can’t choose between Mexican and Italian for dinner, what do you do??? Easy – you can have both with the easy cheesy entrée we’re making for you at this week’s wine tasting and pairing. Our Enchilada Rigatoni is a 6-ingredient wonder that will be on your list of quick, easy suppers.

The wines we’re sharing tonight are Santero Pineapple Moscato, Hudsonville Bruno, and 13 Celsius Pinot Grigio. From Italy, the Santero Moscato is a sparkling sweet white wine with pineapple flavor, produced from the best white Moscato grape varieties. It has an intense and delicate bouquet with velvety flavor and is deliciously refreshing. Hudsonville Bruno is a comfortably oaked, bold red wine for serious red wine fans. Hudsonville Winery officially opened in 2009 on Chicago Drive. Finally, from Italy, 13 Celsius Pinot Grigio is a full, complex and crisp white wine boasting flavors of luscious pear and ripe tropical fruit with a refreshing, lively finish.

Come inside from the heat and join us Friday night from 5-8 p.m.

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