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Happy Mother's Day Weekend

Our pourings this week include Lakeshore Peach & Honey Spritzer and Fenn Valley Chambourcin. Celebrating their 50th anniversary, we are also pouring specialty-bottled Fenn Valley Sauvignon Blanc. These one of a kind bottles are only available at Fenn Valley and Acqua In Vino.

For the pairings, we will be bringing back our popular and delicious charcuterie plates. Charcuterie is a French appetizer featuring a plate of cooked and dry-cured meats with specialty cheeses, accompanied by crusty baguettes or crackers, pungent mustards and toppings, enticing olives and pickles and other savory morsels. Done the Acqua In Vino way, our charcuterie plate is an awe-inspiring sight and you get to eat it all with your hands! The wide array of flavors that a charcuterie plate provides—ranging from sweet, to salty, and everything in-between—can't be beat.

Every Friday night you will save 10% on any purchase of the products we use on pairing nights. That includes the wines, beers, mixed spirits, cheeses, meats, crackers, pasta, sauces and dolce. We want you to take home what you had and try it with your family and friends. And this weekend, we are offering a free $10 gift card to include with every Mother's Day basket purchased, customized or pre-made. More great ways to save at Acqua In Vino!

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