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Happy Birthday Betty White!

Because of its popularity, we are bringing back Arny's delicious charcuterie plates for this week’s tasting. You will love our dry-cured meats, specialty cheeses, crackers, Blueberry Store mustard, enticing olives, pickles and peppers, cheese-filled dried apricots, mixed nuts and dolce of Schuil espresso beans and Cherry Republic chocolate covered cherries. Done the Acqua In Vino way, you will not go away hungry!

To recognize Betty White's 99th birthday on Sunday, we have chosen three white wines to pair. Hudsonville Hudsonberry, Michigan-made fruit forward white wine, Noble Vines 446 Chardonnay, a medium-bodied wine with bright flavors of mango, kiwi and honeydew melon, and Valdelavia Cava, a fresh sparkling wine that offers notes of yellow apple, marzipan, vanilla-orange custard and tangerine.

Remember we have igloos to enjoy! Call the store and reserve your time today. If you tag Acqua In Vino on Facebook while you're here, we have a special gift for you! We look forward to seeing you Friday night from 5-8 p.m.

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