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Come In From the Cold!

The temperatures may be getting colder outside but that’s certainly no reason to let the upcoming season get the best of you. In fact, there’s really nothing better on a cold night than a hot cup of soup. Friday night at our weekly wine tasting and pairing we will be featuring Garden Pantry Bacon Cheddar Potato Soup from Grand Shire Farm in Sand Lake. Connie Hanson has created several flavors of these soups we carry just in time for the cold weather. Many mixes can be prepared by just adding water; others you can add your own cooked meat. Delicious and comforting, these mixes are also easy to prepare!

We’ll be pairing our courses with Fenn Valley Sonata, 1924 Sauvignon Blanc, and Moletto Dolce Amore. The blend of Cayuga, Sevyal and Riesling grapes in the Fenn Valley Sonata start out with aromatics reminiscent of peaches and green apples with a hint of a floral note. The finish is crisp and clean. Sonata does not spend any time in oak, so the fruit flavors pop throughout. The fruit for the 1924 Sauvignon Blanc is selected from cool growing regions throughout California, resulting in crisp, bright acidity and brilliant flavor concentration. This Sauvignon Blanc boasts aromas of bright citrus and stone fruit that complement flavors of green apple and melon. This juicy and crisp wine has exceptional balance with a clean finish. The perfect sweet sparkling Italian wine to accompany the sweets of the celebrations and all fine pastries is Moletto Dolce Amore. It is produced from 95% of Moscato giallo (Yellow Muscat) grapes and 5% of Glera grapes. On the nose it has simple notes of candied fruit, hints of aromatic herbs, then pineapple and plum. There is a sweet and soft taste, with fruity returns and a slight almond finish.

We started working this past week on getting the store in the holiday spirit. This will give you more time to appreciate our acclaimed Nutcracker collection. Our shelves are full as we have many products for your Christmas gifting. Stop in and shop with your favorite wine, beer or bourbon. We look forward to serving you!

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