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Blind Wine Tasting This Week!

Back by popular demand, we are going to have our blind wine tasting. This fun and exciting wine tasting that can be educational, enlightening, surprising, humbling and even hilarious. So, what is a blind tasting? A blind tasting is a wine tasting arranged so that the taster does not know what the wines are until after they taste them! You will be surprised by how much our experience and judgment of wines is influenced by the knowledge of the producer, region, price, or even the appearance of the label. A blind wine tasting takes that all away so that you can objectively assess the quality of a wine without these biases coming into play.

Contrary to the hilarious cartoon, you will not be blindfolded. We simply conceal the wine bottles in a way that makes it impossible to know their identity. Each of you will have a note card to write your guesses and comments on for each wine. After you have tasted all 6 and made your guesses, the wines will be revealed and you will have an opportunity to read your picks or comments for each wine. This can be a funny and embarrassing event. But it can be enlightening as well.

To make the fun even more delicious, Arny will be pairing Garden Pantry Viking Stew. The Vikings ate two main meals a day, one of which usually consisted of some kind of meal or porridge. The mainstay of everyday eating was the big kettle of stew (or skause – a Norse word) containing whatever vegetables and meat were available, and added to day by day. Food was a vital part of domestic life, and the evening meal was the focus for conversation, games, music and storytelling. It was considered a matter of honor to practice hospitality – you never knew when a member of your family would need the hospitality of strangers in their turn.

Plan on joining us Friday night from 5-8 p.m. We will be offering prizes for whoever guesses the wines correctly. We look forward to "seeing" you!!

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