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Better Than Pasta?

What’s better than pasta? Al Dente Combination Pasta Salad - just as tasty as it is timesaving. Especially when topped with grated fresh parmesan. Tossed with sweet cherry tomatoes, incredible pesto and delicious fresh basil, this is a fabulous salad, ready in a flash and loaded with amazing flavor. Adding pine nuts is a great way to add more nutrients! With Al Dente pasta, you can make this easy dish in less than 15 minutes.

We’ll be pairing our courses tonight with wines from Michigan and France. Fenn Valley Cherry Wine is a true fruit wine made from fresh Michigan grown cherries. It captures the intense fruit and color of this favorite fruit. The powerful aroma fills the senses with the fragrance of ripe cherries and the crisp tartness of the natural fruit is captured in this lightly sweet bright red wine. Hudsonville White Cranberry is a little tart, a little sweet – the perfect combination. It tastes a bit like a white grape wine with a cranberry zing. And Le Grand Pinot Noir offers pure aromas of cherry, currant and savory spices. The velvety tannins are nicely balanced by the ripe red fruit flavors layered with vanilla and spice.

Join us Friday night from 5-8. It’s going to be a beautiful night!

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