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This Week at Acqua In Vino

This week, Arny will be pairing selected charcuterie, our own Sicilian muffuletta pasta salad, and dolce. Our wines for the evening include Markus Huber Sparkling Rosé from Austria, Feudo Zirtari Nero d’Avola Syrah from Sicily, and Tres Amici from Hudsonville Winery.

Muffuletta salad is a combination of olives, celery, peppers, onion, cauliflower, carrots, pimentos, vinegar and olive oil, seasoned with salt and pepper, originally used as a sandwich topper. It didn’t start as a salad and you can’t order a muffuletta in Sicily.

The original Italian muffoletta was strictly a New Orleans sandwich, named for the bread on which it’s served. Around 1900, a Sicilian baker by trade – whose family name has been lost in history – immigrated to New Orleans and began to bake and sell various types of Sicilian breads, including round muffoletta loaves. Every morning the local workers would buy the bread for their lunches and then stop at one of the groceries on Decatur Street to buy meats, cheeses and olive salad to eat with their bread. In 1906, Lupo Salvatore decided to combine these ingredients into a sandwich. He used the muffoletta loaf because of its ability to hold the filling without leaking. He wrapped the sandwich in paper and sold it as a “muffuletta”, not familiar with the spellings of the many Sicilian breads. The muffuletta sandwich was so much easier to carry that it became an immediate major success for Salvatore’s grocery. Today, muffuletta pasta salad is all the favorite things about the classic Italian flavors of the New Orleans sandwich rolled into one amazing recipe that you can make all year long.

Join us Friday for this delicious evening. The tasting and pairing runs from 5-8 p.m.

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