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Start Your Holiday Weekend With Us

As we approach the Memorial Day holiday, it’s good to remember what the holiday is truly about. Yes, we should celebrate life, enjoy barbeques, get out on the lake, go shopping with family and friends, etc. But as Americans we get to enjoy these fun days only because of those who have fought for our right to do it.

At this week’s wine pairing and pouring from 5-8 p.m., Arny will be making a classic Italian vodka sauce with Italian sausage. This tomato cream sauce is kicked up with a healthy measure of vodka which adds a little spice to the sauce. We’ll be pairing Gen 5 Zinfandel, Head to Head Red, and Just Peachy. From Lodi’s central valley in California, Gen 5 is a fresh-tasting, fruity wine jam packed with strawberries, blackberries and hints of vanilla on a broad, smooth texture. It is generous, not too full bodied, and simply easy to appreciate for its exuberance. Head to Head Red is a blend of Tuscany’s very own Sangiovese grape, Syrah, and a hint of Merlot which combine to produce a soft, juicy wine with ripe red fruit character and a touch of delicious sweetness. Simply Fruit Just Peachy, from the south of France, is a clear wine with a light, golden hue that glistens delicately in your glass. The infused natural peach creates an aroma of mature peach fruit on the nose and subtle elegance on the palate. It is a perfect blend of peach flavor, effervescence and just the right amount of sweetness.

On this Memorial Day, we celebrate the dedication of the citizens who have given their lives in the service of our country. The loyal commitment of these men and women preserves our freedom and provides us with opportunities many around the world do not have. We are proud to honor their dedication.

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