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So Much Zucchini!

There are so many reasons to look forward to summer, the abundance of fresh produce being one of them. We never want a single fruit or veggie to go to waste so we’re always racking our brains for the best ways to use them up. One thing that everyone always has on hand come summer is squash. Whether you’ve been growing zucchini in your garden, received a bunch from a “friend”, or saw them in the produce aisle, there seems to be a never-ending supply throughout the warmer months. So how do you use up your zucchini? You can start by freezing some and then making the classics like zucchini bread or zoodels - but this summer squash can actually do so much more. Tonight, from 5-8 p.m., Arny will be making a few of his choices for you to try featuring in-store products that take just minutes to create and taste great!

We will be pairing Hudsonville Pinot Grigio, a full, complex and crisp white wine boasting flavors of luscious pear and ripe tropical fruit with a refreshing, lively finish; Rocca Head to Head Red Blend, a blend of Tuscany’s very own Sangiovese grape, Syrah, and a hint of Merlot which combine to produce a soft, juicy wine with ripe red fruit character and a touch of delicious sweetness; and Fenn Valley Classic Port, a blend of barrel-aged port wines made from Chancellor and Chambourcin, exhibiting strong fruit character and a lighter body perfect with dessert foods.

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