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  • Becky Hoxworth

Acqua in Vino: Now and hard cider on tap?!

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

Yes, we have the word "vino" in our name, but not everyone loves wine as much as we do. Those who'd prefer a local craft brew or hard cider are in luck! And for the kids? Italian sodas!

Arny Rodriguez serving craft brews on tap.

The best craft brews by bottle and on tap.

Grand Rapids has earned the nickname "Beer City" for good reason, and we bring the best of the best local breweries to the south end. Whether you lean toward something crisp and light, a hoppy IPA or a rich and mellow stout, you'll find it here. And we can't wait for you to find your dream brew right here in Wayland. We also have local hard ciders on tap for you to enjoy!

Friday night tastings now include beer...and soda.

So your spouse loves wine, you love beer, and your kids love Italian sodas. Well bring 'em all to Acqua in Vino's Friday night tasting! We do flights of YOUR preferred beverage. Everyone gets what they love, and most importantly, everyone has a great time. The best way to kick off a weekend of family fun and togetherness!

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