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Holiday Food Drive For Needy Animals Day

This week Acqua In Vino will be promoting Holiday Food Drive for Needy Animals Day celebrated on December 11th. This day focuses on collecting animal food to bring to local pantries, shelters and humane societies. In the past few years, the number of pets who became homeless via relinquishment and abandonment has increased. Providing temporary assistance with pet food removes one potential reason for families considering relinquishing or abandoning their pets, and will help people keep the pets they love. Every day that these families can feed their pets is one more day those pets stay at home. Help us collect pet food for our neighbors in need this holiday season. Items such as dry and wet cat or dog food and dog and cat treats can be directly donated at the store. Acqua In Vino will deliver your donations to the local Wayland Christian Neighbors Food Pantry. Every person that donates will be given $1.00 off our evening tasting and pairing. The wines for our pairing will complement our pet food drive theme. Join us for this unique event and help us give hope to the families in need of pet food in our community.

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