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First Friday Pairing & Pouring

Have you ever wanted to make your own pasta sauce with all those tomatoes in season but didn't think you had the time? We have just the solution for your pasta craving in this warm weather. Tonight, at our pairing and pairing from 5-8 p.m., Arny will be preparing his famous Raw Pasta Sauce, an uncooked, sugar-free and vegetarian sauce you can make in less than 5 minutes that delivers fantastic flavor without cooking away all the nutrients. Made with the freshest homegrown ingredients, there is so much flavor in this sauce you won’t believe it’s raw.

Every 1st Friday of the month you have the option to pair bourbons instead of wine. Tonight's option contains three, 1.5 oz pours of bourbon from our top shelves which now contain over 50 different types. There is a slight difference in price if you choose the bourbon option.

The wine tonight comes from Fenn Valley in Fennville. This year they are celebrating their 50th anniversary. After researching the property and the process of winemaking, the site of the Fenn Valley Vineyards was purchased in 1973 by the Welsch family from Chicago. The 230-acre farm was originally a struggling fruit farm, which was cleared to make way for the vineyard. The first grapes were planted and Fenn Valley Vineyards was born. Growing grapes in Michigan to produce wine is not an easy task. The conditions must be perfect - sandy soil, moderate winter and summer temperatures, and rolling terrain to allow for natural airflow. Grape vines typically only survive in the Michigan climate for about 25 years, so the vineyard is constantly being replanted. However, with 50 years of experience, Fenn Valley is able to produce world-class wine, even in Michigan’s difficult climate. The red wines display a slight fruit forward note, the white wines are crisp, and the fruit wines are slightly sweet and refreshing.

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