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Dolce Dinner!

We will be featuring Lafayette Creamery at our weekly wine tasting and pairing, our third “Dolce Dinner”. Charles Ybema, the founder of Lafayette Creamery, will be in store to talk about his delicious ice cream and dish up the flavors picked especially for the evening. We will be pairing the ice cream with select wines also available in store.

Here's a breakdown of the flavors we have:

Bittersweet Chocolate - A core flavor at Lafayette Creamery, this version has no interruptions from chips or chunks or other texture items. Our suggestion--sit back and let this dissolve slowly on your tongue.

Lemon Curd - A refreshing treat that leaves a nice clean finish. They start with lemon curd that is crafted in house, add a bit more lemon juice and start churning.

Madagascar Vanilla - The vanilla they use certainly requires additional effort to produce and has distinguishing characteristics. Madagascar farmers leave the vanilla pods to mature on the vines for a few weeks after “traditional” harvest to enhance the flavor and aftertaste.

Snickerdoodle – Designed to be an alternative to the Madagascar Vanilla for those wanting something different to pair with autumn desserts, this flavor “took off”. Takes just like the cookie!

Speculaas – Speculaas are spiced Dutch cookies (ginger, nutmeg and others) formed into shapes and designs – often times taking for form of a Dutch windmill. Making Speculaas cookies is a Dutch tradition associated with the celebration of Saint Nicholas day in early December. We think you’ll agree these cookies are quite delicious when surrounded by Lafayette Creamery's super-premium ice cream.

White Chocolate Peppermint - Smooth and creamy pink ice cream with little chunks of high-quality white chocolate---the clean, fresh finish is sure to make you forgive us.

Banket is his version of this Dutch almond paste filled pastry which coincides with the Christmas season and celebration of Saint Nicholas Day. They start with a vanilla base, add almond extract, and then add dots of almond paste and sliced almonds for texture.

Who says you can't drink wine with your ice cream!! Come break the rules with us Friday night from 5 - 8 p.m. We look forward to seeing you.

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