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Bourbon Pairing Tonight

Traditionally on Groundhog Day, faithful followers eagerly await word on whether Punxsutawney Phil sees his shadow or not to determine if we will have six more weeks of winter. Did he see his shadow, bringing us a longer winter? Or was it cloudy, bringing us an early spring?

Regardless of what Phil predicts, from 5-8 p.m. tonight, Arny will be featuring wine and bourbon pairings to complement his homemade pasta sauce and food pairings. The pourings for the evening include St. Ambrose Grateful Head Draft Mead, a wild combination of mango, habanero, apple and honey that will tickle your tastebuds with just enough heat; 1000 Stories Bourbon Barrel Aged Cabernet Sauvignon, a rich, full-flavored Cabernet Sauvignon that expresses a pioneering spirit along with signature bourbon barrel notes of charred vanilla and dried herbs; and just in, Hudsonville Exotica, a blend of blackberry, passion fruit, strawberry, and black currant flavors.

Come join us tonight for our delicious pairing and pouring. And remember, we have many gift options in store for you for Valentines Day!

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