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Bourbon Option Tonight

Join us tonight from 5-8 p.m. for our weekly wine pairing and pouring. To accommodate our customers who are observing Lent, our pairings will not contain meat. There will be meat options available for those who are not participating in the Lenten season. Every 1st Friday of the month you have the option to pair bourbons instead of wine at our weekly pairing and pouring. Tonight's option contains three, 1.5 oz pours of bourbon from our top shelves which now contain over 30 different types. There is a slight difference in price if you choose the bourbon option. We also offer a premium bourbon pairing for those with more exquisite tastes.

Arny will be preparing Creamy Asparagus soup from Wilde Thyme Foods. Wilde Thyme started their tasty business in Michigan in August 2004 by purchasing recipes for 7 soups and 9 dips. Seeing the possibilities of this business, they followed a passion of creating simple yet delicious soups, dips and mixes. They now offer dozens of different Simple Soups and Dips. Acqua In Vino is carrying over 20 varieties of their soups and 3 dog treat mixes. Our wines include Lakeshore Ruby Red, a light and fresh semi-dry wine without heavy tannins; Babich Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc, a juicy New Zealand white wine with mandarin and grapefruit aromas and a taste of lime, passion fruit, and rock melon; and, Lakeshore Demi-Sec, a fresh semi-dry German style white wine bursting with floral and apple fruit character.

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