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Tonight at our weekly wine pairing and pouring, Arny will be preparing a salmon pasta recipe using Spence & Co., Ltd’s salmon which we just brought into the store. Delicately cured and conveniently packaged, this salmon is produced from the finest quality fresh fish. Sliced and ready to eat, it is the perfect accompaniment for your summer recipes. We’ll be pouring Buehler White Zinfandel, Pretty Please Napa Valley Red Blend, and Western Son’s Original Lemonade Cocktail.

The Buehler White Zinfandel is a terrific everyday sipper. Hand-picking their 100% zinfandel fruit riper than most producers leaves less residual sugar. Riper fruit translates to flavors like wild berries and strawberries. The end result is a wine with more red zinfandel berry character and a less sweet, more refreshing taste. The Pretty Please Red Blend has alluring deep ruby and surprisingly opaque and dark radiant shades of red within its appearance. Black currants, black cherries, spice and tobacco all emerge from this expansive blend’s nose. Sweet Tannin, plenty of fruit, and juicy acidity all come together softly and seamlessly. From Texas, Western Son Original Lemonade Cocktail is made with their award-winning vodka, real fruit and natural flavors. This is perfect for those seeking convenience and portability as well as natural and functional ingredients. With a low ABV of 5%, you can take these anywhere. Simply pour over ice and enjoy!

In case you didn't see our Facebook post, Acqua In Vino struck a very rare deal with Bourbon 30 Spirits in Georgetown, Kentucky, which produces J. MATTINGLY. This is a limited edition run of a Bourbon blend selected by Arny himself. This blend of ARR SELECT will never be produced again. There are only 12 bottles of it worldwide. Only 10 will be sold for retail to purchase at Acqua In Vino. Get yours before they're gone!

We look forward to serving you tonight from 5-8 p.m.

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