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AIV Special Announcement

In 1916, Michigan approved a prohibition amendment to the state constitution. Within hours of it going into effect, bootleggers formed smuggling operations. At one time, 75% of all the alcohol smuggled into America was coming through Detroit. And in 1929, rum running was Detroit’s second largest industry, bringing in $125 million a year. But the lawlessness prohibition inspired, and a loss of legal jobs during the Depression that were tied to the alcohol industry, eventually led the state — and nation — to change course and begin to regulate, rather than prohibit, alcohol.

The national prohibition of booze didn’t last, ending 90 years ago last week. When the nation decided to repeal prohibition, Michigan was the first to ratify the 21st Amendment. When prohibition was over, the state created the Michigan Liquor Control Commission. This state agency not only makes alcoholic beverages available; it seeks to protect the public by regulating alcohol's sale and distribution.

Much to our surprise, Acqua In Vino underwent its own forced prohibition this year when we were informed that we did not have the proper licensing to distribute liquor the way we were. 8 months later and we are pleased to say – OUR PROHIBITION IS OVER! We received our licensing and are ready to service your liquor needs!

Please join us for an END OF PROHIBITION party from 5-8 p.m. on Friday night to celebrate our freedom to sell. Bring your ID and pick up your newest bourbon, gin, etc. from our incredible stock. All night we will be selling select pours with free charcuterie and dessert as well as door prizes. This will truly be a celebration of appreciation for all of you standing by us through this process. “What America needs now is a drink!”

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