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This Week's Wine Tasting & Pairing

The 18th Amendment sparked a resistance and that resistance changed everything. Cabernet became contraband, bootleggers became heroes, and Model T’s became hot rods that outran every cop in town. 1924 is a wine inspired by this era, when the code name for a jug of Zin was spoken over party lines and bookshelves became doorways to cellars that became speakeasies. For those that dared to toil in winemaking during Prohibition, full-bodied wines with bold flavors were a crowd favorite across the country. This is a Bold Wine for a Rebellious Time. This week we’ll be tasting 1924 Cabernet Sauvignon, 1924 Double Black Bourbon Barrel Aged and 1924 Scotch Barrel Aged Chardonnay. These wines are crafted using grapes from select vineyards throughout Northern California, specifically from the Lodi region. Lodi’s climate is ideal for growing concentrated, full-flavored grapes in well-draining sandy soil with warm summer afternoons and cooling nighttime breezes from the Pacific Ocean. This is 1924 - a taste of the American spirit.

Arny will be preparing La Pasta Primavera. The word “primavera” means springtime in Italian. In an era before seasonal cooking was commonplace, pasta primavera was the recipe to order for the best and brightest of fresh vegetables. And with the popularity of our wine floats, we’ll be floating our Lafayette Creamery Strawberries and Cream Ice Cream for our dolce.

Come see the many changes we’ve made inside the store as well as our new outdoor patio. Remember we are now serving by the glass! We look forward to seeing you Friday night from 5-8 p.m.

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