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This Friday's Pairing

Rather than partner this week, Acqua In Vino is encouraging you to purchase your dinner Friday night from ANY downtown restaurant. Bring your receipt to us and you will receive 20% off any paired wine of your choice or a six pack of beer.

Wine pairing can be intimidating. People have been pairing wine with food for centuries, but the modern trend of wine and food pairing we know today emerged more recently when winemakers began promoting their wines as a complement for specific meal offerings. Certain elements, such as texture and flavor, in both food and wine interact with each other, and thus finding the right combination of these elements will make the entire dining experience more enjoyable. "The flavor of food almost always reveals the quality of a wine and exalts it. In turn, the quality of a wine complements the pleasure of food and spiritualizes it."

Food and wine pairings should enhance, not dominate, the experience of eating and drinking. While there are no "set in stone" rules for pairings, there are some simple guidelines to follow to help pick out the perfect wine for whatever meal you're enjoying. At Acqua In Vino we have access to wines from all over the world. So, put our staff to the test. Friday night purchase your dinner from any local downtown restaurant, show us your receipt, and we'll match the best wine.

We’ll be closing at 8 p.m. and hope to see you! Thank you for supporting downtown Wayland!

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