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Family Tradition

Join us tonight for our weekly wine pairing and pouring from 5-8 p.m. Our wine pairings will include Avaline White Wine, EOS Merlot, and Moletto Dolce Amore. Founded by Cameron Diaz and Katherine Power and produced on the Mediterranean Coast, Avaline White is an everyday, easy-drinking white wine blend. It’s dry with a touch of citrus and a crisp, fresh finish. Made with organic grapes it is free from added sugar, artificial colors or concentrates, and is vegan friendly.

EOS Merlot comes from the Paso Robles area of California. It is dry and full bodied with a dark ruby color. This wine is filled with ripe, rich fruit and spices producing a deep, jammy, fruit-driven taste and black fruits on the palate. Acqua In Vino is proud to exclusively carry all the available varieties of EOS wines, ready to pour by the glass or purchase by the bottle.

The perfect sweet sparkling Italian wine is Moletto Dolce Amore. It is produced from 95% of Moscato giallo (Yellow Muscat) grapes and 5% of Glera grapes. On the nose it has simple notes of candied fruit, hints of aromatic herbs, then pineapple and plum. There is a sweet and soft taste, with fruity returns and a slight almond finish.

Arny will be making his homemade authentic Italian Marinara Sauce with pork. This sauce is cooked low and slow to create a thick and flavorful sauce made in the manner of Arny's family tradition. We look forward to seeing you!

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