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Bourbon Week!

Traveler's BBQ will be in our parking lot for tonight’s bourbon pairing and pouring. They will be offering authentic Texas ribs and brisket for purchase by the half pound or in a sandwich as well as a mac & cheese bowl. For those of you who don't know what brisket is, a whole beef brisket is a huge hunk of cow that comes off the smoker deep ebony in color, almost black, looking more like a meteorite than a meal. But it is not burnt, and beneath the crust is the most tender, juicy, meat full of husky, beefy flavor. As long as you stick with low and slow and don’t overdo the seasoning, the brisket will come out tasting divine. Brisket in Texas has a distinctive smokey, salty, and peppery flavor that will melt in your mouth. We would encourage you to not miss this fantastic, melt-in-your-mouth piece of beef heaven. To go with your dinner, we will be offering our 3-course pairing with bourbon or Osmosis wines – Sauvignon Blanc, Light Red Blend, and Rose. We'll see you tonight from 5-8 pm!

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